• Korth Direct Mortgage Inc.

    Korth Direct Mortgage Inc. ("KDM") is a vertically integrated originator, lender, servicer, underwriter, and securitizer of commercial real-estate debt. KDM issues Mortgage Secured Notes (MSNs) to fund loans that are secured by a specific underlying property or pools of properties owned by a single borrower. Repayment of each series of MSNs is dependent upon the cash flows received from the underlying mortgage loan. KDM primarily lends on cash-flowing tenanted property and high-quality value-add assets. Cash returns to investors from MSNs result directly from the mortgage payments linked to a specific property or pool of properties and a specific borrower.
  • Korth Direct Mortgage Inc.

    KDM’s low-doc program and common-sense approach gives us the ability to provide our mortgage broker network with an easy-to-use platform and a borrower-friendly program. Our goal is to keep the approval process as simple as possible, from the initial screening to approval and all the way to closing. KDM provides flexible institutional capital to experienced borrowers, typically on a non-recourse basis. With our sharply focused approach to customer service and over 20 years of commercial real estate experience, we plan on establishing a new bar of excellence.
  • Korth Direct Mortgage Inc.

    MSNs are distributed exclusively through FINRA member broker dealers. All investors should understand the risks of purchasing MSNs and therefore should carefully read the section entitled “Risk Factors” in the offering memorandum or prospectus for the offering they may purchase.
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